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Cycling is a major mode of transport for me, since I don't drive. This isn't some ethical green stance on my part (although it probably should be), I just never had a desire to learn. My commute to work is usually either by bus or bike, although an old back injury does occasionally cause me problems.

For this reason I developed an interest in recumbent bikes and trikes, and after many years of drooling, I finally got round to getting one. I found it advertised secondhand in Cycling Weekly which appears to be fairly rare, as most people buy them for life. The couple I bought mine from had just had a son, so maybe that was it. I know Aaron was sad to see it go...


I had wanted a Windcheetah for some years, after visiting the factory in Altrincham and seeing them at Morecambe (see below), but I never thought I'd be able to justify having one. However, after a turbulent couple of years, especially at work, I decided that I couldn't afford not to have one, if only for the good of my mental health. It just so happened that this coincided with Aaron selling his, and I had the money to hand. More...

Other Cycling stuff...

One of my colleagues has a site which is well worth a visit if you're planning a cycling trip in Europe, and feel like doing a little climbing. The Virtual Alps has a wealth of information based on many trips over the years. I feel inadequate just looking at the pictures...

One event I try to attend happens every two years in Lancashire England, and is called Cyclefest. This is a large meeting over a weekend, and all kinds of wheeled HPVs and their riders are to be found there. One of the nice things about Cyclefest is the chance to have a go in/on/with something you've never ridden before. The main facial expression to be seen is the face-splitting grin. There are usually some races, but it's mostly just good fun all round.

This year I cycled to the event. More...