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Everyone seems to do an online photo album these days, so here are some of mine. All the pictures I have dotted around the site are here, as well as one or two extras...
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There's also a special page for this year's Cyclefest pictures


Speedy This is the Windcheetah as it was when I bought it, slightly too long and without the rack. The first change was to replace the pedals with cleated ones

Alice's comfy cat seat Alice likes the seat...

Bonnington's too! ...and so does Bonnington.

Speedy after being shortened This is the Windcheetah after being sent back to the guys at AVD to be shortened and to have the rack fitted. Shortly thereafter it was fitted with Vredestein S-Lick tyres rather than the Continental Grand Prix shown here

The rack after breaking These three images were taken when the rack fractured on the way home from work in November 2001. The break was at the point where three pieces of tubing met, and it seems that the joint just gave way. The new rack is designed differently and has more support so there is much less stress at this point. So far this new version has been fine.
Break CU BCU

Yours truly on Speedy A girl and her Windcheetah in perfect harmony!