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Tour of Britain 2004

For information about the race go here.

Well, I managed to get a swap with one of my colleagues, which allowed me to take a day off work and get some pictures of Stage 1 of the Race. Thanks Mike!
The bonus? The weather turned out to be one of the best days for ages. There were fluffy clouds and sunshine, and no rain for once. I took some shots in Bury, near the town hall. The others were taken on a very familiar road - the A675 over Belmont which I usually end up climbing in the p***ing rain... ;)

This is the run into Bury on the A56. Andreas Klöden in the centre of the frame

Pavel Padrnos and Paolo Savodelli talking

Mario Aerts back at the T-Mobile Team car

Is it a Tandem?

No! it's Rodney Green and Duncan Urquhart who spent much of the day up at the front

A few minutes later and the rest of the bunch comes up the hill

Including some members of the 'Blue Train' of the US Postal team