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Buying the Wood

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The selected wood
First Steps
The bodies

These pictures were all taken on 19/02/2003. Click for the full size image.

Timber shop at John Boddy's

A view of the self-service timber shop at John Boddy's Fine Wood and Tool Store in Boroughbridge

Timber at John Boddy's African Black Limba (Afara, Korina) on the left, Jesmo (John Crow) on the right.
The Limba was only available up to about 10" wide, so I selected a piece 7" across. I'll use this to make two-piece bodies.

View of Goncalo Alves figure This is the piece of Goncalo Alves I found, which I decided to use to make the necks of both guitars.

Me selecting Rosewood Me selecting Rosewood

This is yours truly selecting the pieces of Rosewood which will become the fingerboards.

Making notes ...and making notes as I go. Eventually I decided not to buy the piece of purpleheart on the truck.

The pictures below show the woods I selected, first dry, and then dampened to show up the figure a little more.

Goncalo Alves Black Limba

Sycamore (Acer) Sycamore (Acer) 2

Goncalo Alves wet Goncalo Alves wet 2

Black Limba wet Black Limba wet 2

Sycmaore wet Sycmaore wet 2